Poponcini bits are being made in Italy by Guiseppe Poponcini. 
These bits are known for having an extremely soft mouthpiece.
A Poponcini bit is made of a steel wire, and a brass bushing at the ends.
A plastic layer is cast around afterwards. In the end a special silicone layer is applied, by hand. This silicone layer is not toxic to your horse.
This work of art ensures optimum comfort for the horse's mouth.
The range of Poponcini bits made of this soft material, is also known as the HARMONY line. Poponcini himself describes the Harmony range as a silk thead in your horse's mouth.
So, why should you choose a Poponcini bit of the HARMONY line?
A horse with a sore mouth can not relax. Ordinary mouthpieces can have this effect.
With one of the mouthpieces from the Harmony range, a horse will immediately relax. For the rider working with a relaxed horse will be a pleasure, also for the horse !
Due to this typical form of this mouthpiece, a horse will be able to close its mouth easily, so it will be much calmer with his head and tongue.
A bit manufactured from this type of plastic / silicone has a lower durability than a bit with a metal base. So it will - like any other bit - break in the end, but of course it can't be predicted when as a lot will depend on how much you use it and how you use it.

This Harmony BC bit is a simple snaffle which, by being connected to the support device  of the headpiece, acts as a lever and lowers the horse’s head.

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